A Series Journal Bearings
Journal Bearing
A series plain journal bearings are all based on DIN 7473-6 standard metric journal bearings with a length/diameter ratio of 0.75. They are manufactured by K C Engineering using BS970 070M20 steel backing and centrifugally lined with BS3332 Alloy C whitemetal. All bearings are tested to ISO 4386 ultrasonic and dye penetrant specifications. They can be customised to incorporate thermocouple drillings and RTD sensors as specified by the client or API specification. Each bearing has two oil feed holes on the split line which are fed by an annulus around the outside diameter of the bearing shell. Standard bearings are supplied with a cylindrical bore but also available with lemon bore, offset halves, tri-lobe or quad-lobe bore profiles. We provide finite element analysis of any bearing selected for your application to determine operating parameters with the stiffness and damping coefficients required for rotor dynamic modelling.