C Series Locating Bearings
Location Journal Bearing
C Series locating bearings are designed based the A series journal bearing product range but incorporate location faces to allow designers to select from both ranges to suit requirements in applications such as gearboxes, pumps and turbines. The standard range is available for shaft diameters from 50mm up to 600mm, but they can easily be customised and manufactured to suit your requirements. The addition of thermal sensor drilling can easily be incorporated to suit requirements.
All standard bearings are manufactured using BS790 070M20 and centrifugally cast BS3332 Alloy C whitemetal, however bearings can be manufactured according to customer requirements. Bearings are tested according to ISO 4386-1 Ultrasonic Inspection and ISO 4386-3 Dye Pentrant Testing on request from clients. K C Engineering will also work to customer specific inspection specifications.
Performance Analysis
All bearings can be supplied with any fixed profile such as elliptical, offset halves, 3 lobed and 4 lobed bore. For any application K C Engineering can analyse your requirements to predict bearing performance. This provideskey information such as maximum oil film temperature, minimum oil film thickness, power loss and also stiffness and damping coefficients to enable rotor dynamic modelling. K C Engineering will also recommend when to use particular profiles to improve bearing performance in your application.
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