Design and Analysis
The design of hydrodynamic bearings requires an in depth knowledge of bearing systems, hydrodynamic lubrication and rotor dynamics. The oil film which “floats” the load on the bearing is typically less than 50 microns thick and supports both the rotor and operational loads experienced in equipment such as turbines, generators, compressors, gearboxes, propulsion shafts and boiler feed pumps. Reliable and efficient operation of this oil film is critical for all kinds of rotating equipment. Understanding rotor dynamics to match bearing design to the shaft dynamics is important to ensure stability when shafts are running above the first critical speed.
K C Engineering has been engaged in bearing design for over 20 years and uses software to perform finite element analysis of the oil film to ensure all operating requirements are met.A full analysis of the bearing performance is generated including oil temperatures, power loss, oil flow rates and stiffness and damping coefficients.