Environmental Management
As a global citizen, K C Engineering recognises its responsibility to protect and preserve our environment and resources and will continually work to reduce the enivornment impact of its operations and business activities. K C Engineering takes pride in its repuatation for quality and service, but technological leadership goes beyond the end product. How we impact the Enviornment is important to us and we are developing our environmental management systems for ISO14001 accreditation.

A History of Environmental Management:
2011 2.4 (H2, 2010) Tonnes of CO2 Offset purchased to maintain CO2 footprint at 2009 levels
2010 Upgraded molten tin bath insulating lid and temperature data logging to optimise start up time
2010 12.7 (H1, 2010) Tonnes of CO2 Offset purchased to maintain CO2 Footprint at 2009 Levels.
2010 Carbon Dioxide Reduction commitment of 10% per year for 5 years and a cap on CO2 footprint at 2009 level.
2008 Replacement of natural gas fired tin bath with new electric heated tin bath to improve energy efficiency and control. The original tin bath held approximately 7,000 Kgs of pure tin and the new electric heated bath holds approximately 3,500 kgs and ultises a curved base rather than a square base to reduce the thermal mass but still achieve the required depth for completely submerging large bearings.
2008 Replacement of factory lighting with low energy consumption lamps and light sensing system to automatically switch off lights when there is enough natural light during the day
2008 Installation of varible speed compressor into production facility. By using an motor drive system to control the speed of the motor, the compressor speed ramps up and down to match demand, far more efficient that our fixed speed compressors
2008 Complete pre-treatment of waste; 9 waste streams are in operation: Recylable material (paper, card, wood, plastic), contaminated oily rags and gloves, landfill, aluminium cans, batteries, CD’s, CD Jewel Cases, Oil and coolant and aerosol cans. The scheme has been so successful a smaller land fill bin is now in use.
2007 Installation of small electric tin bath to complement larger gas fired bath, which allows the larger bath to be shut down when not in use and smaller high volume parts to be processed in smaller tin bath.
2007 Environmental Managment Team established to develop ISO14001 Environmental Managment Systems. Team is formed with staff from all areas of th ebusiness
2007 All business flights are balanced by carbon neutral flights, using The Carbonneutral Company.
2007 Installation of efficient water boiler for canteen area
2006 Electronic fax server installed to reduce paper wastage
2005 Installation of motor drive unit on extraction fan motor unit to reduce speed. Saving 6 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year and 12,500 Kwh
2005 Waste management for hazardous oil contaminated cloths
2005 Waste management for recycling of wood, plastic, cardboard and paper
2004 Installation of energy management system to control 3 compressors; small, medium and large according to plant demand
2004 Passive lighting in washrooms
2004 Passive lighting in storage areas
2004 Recycling of aluminium drinks cans
2002 Hand dryers installed to replace paper towels in washrooms
2001 Whitemetal melting pots control system to manage energy consumption