Failure Analysis

Hydrodynamic bearings are critical components to support rotating equipment. They are also a sacrificial component in most industrial applications, where the cost of the bearings is relatively low compared to the rotating assembly. The soft alloy lining known as whitemetal or Babbitt, protects the surface of the shaft during a failure and allows time for the machine to be stopped before more extensive damage occurs. Irrespective of the component cost the bigger loss is normally in downtime and lost production whether it is in power generation, oil and gas, marine, petrochemical or mining applications. Therefore overall equipment reliability and maintenance programmes are essential to a successful business operation.

After a bearing failure where the cause of shutdown is not known, it is important to understand the root cause to ensure that during the maintenance programme corrections or alterations can be made. Visual inspection of bearings will help in the process of identification of the root cause of equipment shutdown. If you require additional support or consultancy please contact us.