Journal and Thrust Repair

Hydrodynamic bearings lined with whitemetal alloy are typically designed as a sacrificial component – they fail in a controlled manner in order to protect the most important parts of the equipment; the rotating shaft and elements. All whitemetal lined bearings can be repaired for any type of application including critical machines such as high speed compressors, gearboxes, boiler feed pumps, turbines and generators.K C Engineering has 30 years experience in repair of all types of bearing components and has built a robust set of processes along with years of experience to repair bearings to the same quality, materials and finish as new parts. Our service centers are located in the UK and United Arab Emirates and we have a technical support and sales office for Asia based in Malaysia.

Repaired Kingsbury LEG Thrust Bearings
Siemens V94.2 Compressor End Bearings