L – Direct Lube Equalising Thrust Bearings

L series thrust bearings are designed and manufactured to allow equipment manufacturers and operators a high quality bearing assembly that is interchangeable with other bearing manufacturer’s designs. They are an equalising type design with six thrust pads, each with direct lubrication fed into a groove on the leading edge of the thrust pads. They can be supplied as a single or double thrust assembly with or without the thrust collar. Machining or complete installation and supply of thermal sensors or load cells can be provided.

All thrust bearings are available with carbon steel, bronze or copper-chrome zirconium alloy backing material for the thrust pads.

Size Range:
50mm (2”) up to 300mm (12”) Shaft Diameters

L Series bearings use direct lubrication with oil fed into a groove on the leading edge of each thrust pad. This provides cool oil onto the leading surfaces of each thrust pad and therefore reduces peak temperatures in the bearing, allowing for better performance at higher load and/or speeds.

L Series Web
Metric Sizes KCL5 KCL6 KCL7 KCL8 KCL9
d1-Whitemetal Outside Diameter 127.0 152.4 177.8 203.2 228.6
d2-Whitemetal Inside Diameter 63.5 76.2 88.9 104.6 114.3
l1-Overall Length 44.5 52.3 60.5 68.3 76.2
d5-Retaining Ring Outside Diameter 136.52 161.92 187.32 212.72 238.12
d3-Retaining Ring Internal Diameter 69.9 82.6 95.3 109.5 124.0
l2-Key Width 7.9 9.7 9.7 11.2 11.2
l3-Key Projection 4.1 4.8 4.8 4.8 4.8
l4-Key Length 14.2 16.8 20.6 23.9 23.9