M Series Modular Thrust Bearings

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The M Series thrust bearing is a non-equalising, modular design of tilt pad thrust bearing assembly. It consists of a precision machined and ground retaining ring, steel backed tilting thrust pads and retaining screws. Thrust bearings can be supplied with an optional spacer plate and shim pack.
The product range, being modular can be offered over a wide range of sizes and utilises 6, 8, 11 or 14 thrust pads in each assembly. The assembly can be supplied split or made from a one piece retaining ring.
Slots around the retaining ring around for good oil flow through the bearing and good cooling characteristics. For low loss applications the pad retaining screws can be modified into oil nozzles and the retaining ring modified to accept direct lubrication ports.
Direction of Rotation
Typically bearings are supplied for use in both directions of rotation utilising centre pivoted thrust pads. Higher load capacity can be achieved using offset pivots and making the bearing assembly uni-directional.
Size Range
The M series thrust bearing can be manufactured by KCE for shaft diameters from 75mm (3”) up to 500mm (20”). For any custom design requirements or specialised application our designers can provide custom made solutions for your requirements, backed up by our performance analysis service.
KCE can offer bearings either machined ready for thermal sensor installation or we can supply bearings already fitted with thermal sensors to suit your requirements.
Performance Analysis
For any application KCE can perform oil film finite element analysis to accurately predict the performance of bearing for safe operation and also to determine power loss, oil flow rates, peak oil temperatures etc.
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