Re-Engineered Water Cooled Fan Bearing Assemblies
Two sets of water cooled fan bearing assemblies, re-engineered from samples have been supplied from K C Engineering. The work involved taking the internal components to our work shop for re-engineering and also carrying out re-engineering on site to capture critical details of the housing and location on the machine pedestals. Critical measurements and photos allowed KCE to build a complete 3D model and introduce some improvements to reduce manufacturing costs, such as replacing a cast cover with a fabricated cover. Re-engineering saved the client time and money on replacement parts when compared to the OEM supply. The client also received a complete spare parts list to re-order any individual component in the future. For KCE this type of project work is increasing and the complexity of full assemblies is pushing KCE to develop key project management skills. The ability to go from initial proposals made on a few photographs and sizes through re-engineering, production drawings, supply chain, production, assembly and final inspection to achieve delivery in timescales and costs is what makes KCE a market leading solution provider.

Bearing Assembly installed on site

3D Model of Bearing Assembly

Finished Units