Largest Ever! 3,500 kg Bearing Repaired at K C Engineering

This is the biggest ever bearing component repaired by K C Engineering. The trunion bearing weighs in at 3.5 tonnes and is used in a gold mining operation in West Africa. The task to complete the repair required K C Engineering to build a new furnace to accommodate the massive bearing. The design of jigs, mandrels and processing the casting was all done in house, utilising many years of experience, but on a much larger scale than normal work. The pour was the largest ever completed by at K C Engineering, with 945 kg of whitemetal going into the casting process.

The company is proud to have achieved an excellent quality casting of the bearing and is keen to promote this service to clients all over the world. The expertise, capacity and capability to repair items such as this is relatively unique, particularly at the quality level that K C Engineering builds into its processes and production methods. The range of products from high end military aircraft engine components now extends to massive industrial components such as trunion for mining and mineral processing applications.