Thrust Upgrade for Rugeley Power 500MW Steam Turbines

K C Engineering has completed the re-design of the thrust bearing assembly installed in two 500MW steam turbines at Rugeley Power Station in the UK, as part of an upgrade to the turbines.

The original Parsons HP Turbines were commissioned in 1970 and have completed approximately 250,000 running hours. Rugeley Power are upgrading the HP turbine to a Alstom machine that will provide an additional 15MW each to facilitate the additional works power that will be used to run the new Flue Gas Desulphurisation (FGD) plant. This upgrade required a new design of thrust bearing to operate at higher loads within the existing bearing housing. K C Engineering has completed a full technical review of the existing design and incorporated several upgrades to the materials and design geometry to allow the bearing to operate at higher thrust loads and maintain safe operating temperatures.

The new thrust bearings are now in production, due to be installed during the installation of the upgrades in 2010.

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