Q – Compact Equalising Thrust Bearings

Q Series thrust bearings are a compact equalising, modular bearing assembly. All pads are retained in the assembly to allow for easy installation and service. The design is modular so bearings are manufactured with 6, 8, 11 or 14 pads in each assembly.

All thrust bearings are available with carbon steel, bronze or copper-chrome zirconium alloy backing material for the thrust pads.

Shoe Pivot Design
Each thrust pad is pivoted on a hardened spherical pivot, which can be centred for bi-directional rotation or offset to improve bearing performance.

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Size Range:
50mm (2”) up to 500mm (20”) Shaft Diameters

Shim Packs:
Bearing assemblies can be supplied with a backing plate that can be machined to enable adjustment of axial rotor position and end float. The standard shim pack consists of 1 x 0.1mm, 2 x 0.2mm, 1 x 0.5mm, allowing for adjustment from 0 to 1mm in 0.1mm (0.04”) increments. If required this can be customised.

Bearing assemblies can be supplied with drilling details or pre-installed thermal sensors to clients specifications.

Q Series bearings can be supplied for use with direct or flooded lubrication. For indirect lubrication, oil is fed into the outside diameter groove on the retaining ring. It passes through the retaining ring groove with the equalising segments and then through the nozzles located between each pad.

Performance Analysis
For all bearing applications KCE can provide predictive finite element analysis of the hydrodynamic oil film to ensure the correct selection of bearing size and geometry for the application.