T Series Tilt Pad Journal Bearings

The T series tilt pad journal bearings are 5 pad bearings that can be operated as load on pad or load between pad. They are manufactured from precision machined carbon steel housings, steel backed journal pads and typically aluminium end covers.
Each bearing can have a custom preload machined to improve stiffness of the bearing. Our performance analysis service will analyse your application requirements and assist in design selection and verification.
Typical shaft clearance is 0.0015% of shaft diameter, but custom clearance designs can be made to suit customer requirements. The clearance of each bearing assembly is accurately set and the lift or bump distanced checked against a dummy shaft.
In direct and direct lubrication can be used with T series journal bearings. The indirect lubrication uses 5 oil holes drilled between each pad to allow good oil flow through the bearing. In the direct lubrication (low loss) configuration oil nozzles between each journal pad directs cool oil flow directly onto the shaft.
Size Range
T-Series journal pad bearings can be manufactured for shafts ranging from 50mm (2”) up to 300mm (12”).
KCE can offer bearings either machined ready for thermal sensor installation or we can supply bearings already fitted with thermal sensors to suit your requirements.
Performance Analysis
For any application KCE can perform oil film finite element analysis to accurately predict the performance of bearing for safe operation and also to determine power loss, oil flow rates, peak oil temperatures etc. Stiffness and damping coefficients are provided to allow for rotor dynamic modelling to be carried out for your application.
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