Thrust Bearings
KCE manufactures thrust bearings for major OEMs and service companies around the world. This is all part our strategic supply chain solutions offering a service known as “make to print”.Our reputation for high quality manufacturing services and particularly short lead times makes us strategic suppliers for all kinds of equipment manufacturers and applications. Our experience covers every type of thrust bearing design and construction.

As a non-OEM manufacturing service, we gain experience and knowledge manufacturing all types of thrust bearing assemblies. This experience and knowledge allows us to develop best practise and reduce manufacturing costs in our own designs and support cost reduction work with our clients.
J Series Tilt Pad Thrust Bearing
  • Plain Thrust Rings
  • Taper Land Thrust Rings
  • Tilt Pad Bearings

Flooded Lubrication

Direct (Low Loss) Lubrication

  • Equalising (Self Levelling) Thrust
  • Combined Thrust and Journal Bearings